Anonymous asked: Alex's body has changed but that will never stop me from loving him

That’s good to hear. 

bro coming out of retirement !!!! @berkshireboy

allthingsfandomfan asked: Dianna or Riley???

Riley, she’s very sweet. :) 

Anonymous asked: Do you know why alex broke up with riley?

It didn’t just didn’t work out. 

Anonymous asked: Does Alex ever explained his obssesion with Disneyland? everybody loves disneyland but he almost lives there. He goes there a lot more than abybody i have ever met.

He loves theme parks a lot. He said in a interview once his granddad and uncle had the idea to open one in America when he was younger, 

Anonymous asked: Riley or Marloes?

Riley, it’s because I was kind of a fan of her before Alex started dating her. I like Marloes too tho! They are so cute together. :) 

Paintballing !!!!

Alex and Marloes at Disneyland - April 15, 2014

Anonymous asked: waht's riley's instagram? has she ever posted alex's pics?

drkeough but her insta is private and yes she did a couple of times. 

Yes dland again for brothers bday !!! No complaints #lovemesomedisneyland

at Coachella - April 13, 2014

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MGM grand