Alex with his mum and Miles in Disney yesterday (20.07.2014)

😍 it’s engraved now 🌳 @marloeshorst

@marloeshorst: ❤️ love my little family @a1pettyfer

Anonymous asked: Riley and Alex have the same dog?!! o_O

Yeah looks like both got a French Bulldog - LOL. 

Everyone needs to hang with this doctor @drjakedeutsch. #magicjake

Frank as in Frankie valli has one hot mum !!!! @marloeshorst

aww Alex got a new puppy, named Frank. What a cutie! image

Anonymous asked: What do you think about Diego Barrueco? There are photos of him on my Tumblr page:)

First of all, you ask this anonymously, so I don’t know what your page is. Secondly, I never heard of the guy. Googled him, he’s good looking! He has a cute face. 

Anonymous asked: Hi! I wonder what kind of music like Alex or any band or singer in particular. Thank you :)

I answered this once here.  But here it goes:

  • kings of leon
  • lana del rey
  • coldplay
  • the police
  • kayne west 

and lot more. 

Anonymous asked: is he engaged to marloes?

No he’s not. They are just dating.